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Golf Lessons

19 June 2018

Dyrham Park country club are providing golf lessons with professional golfers Jaime Lyttle and Matthew Blake.


They have been on the driving range and learnt how to take care of the grass and are now learning to use different kinds of clubs and shots for putting and long distance. The boys have taken part in the range of activities to teach them the skills that they need.

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They have impressed both their teachers and the golf instructors with their skills and the progress that they have made.

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The boys have even been allowed to ride in the golf buggy to pick up the balls from the golf course. Honorary President of the country club Jeremy Curtis has been joining the sessions and has expressed how the sessions have benefitted the boys by both learning a new skill and learning about control, boundaries and rules.

Micah says: “I find golf different fun and enjoyable.”

Shloime B says: “I like hitting the ball to see how far it goes.”

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