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Pupils and Staff celebrate Shabbat UK

05 March 2019

On the 28th of February, the RE department supported a ShabbatUK event hosted by Bushey Synagogue. The event focused on sensory activities relating to Shabbat, including a musical concert. The event was open to other special schools and mainstream schools who celebrate ShabbatUK, with approximately 50 school children in attendance.

Fliers were distributed and a inclusive Shabbat service guides handed out.

During the morning, the children had the opportunity to join other mainstream and special school children from the wider community, and partake in a number of sensory activities including, tasting grape juice, making scented Besamim bags, waxing candles, baking challah and colouring Challah covers. The highlight of the event was a visit of the Chief Rabbi who spoke to all the children about the beauty of Shabbat. The event ended with a musical concert and all children had a chance to sing in the microphone.

Each child left the event with a bag full of completed activities, inclusive Shabbat guide and snacks.

The impact of the event was the inclusive interactivity with the wider community and other children from special and mainstream schools. The children from Kisharon integrated beautifully and had the chance to use their social skills in the context of meeting new peers.


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