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S.E.N. Policy
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S.E.N. Policy

Mission Statement

Kisharon School provides high quality education, therapy and care through continually evolving practices, maximising opportunities and achievements for all.

Kisharon School

Kisharon School is a free school which caters for pupils from North London and surrounding areas with complex needs including MLD/SLD/PMLD and ASD between the ages of four and nineteen years. Full details of all facilities are found within the School Prospectus.


To fulfil the beliefs and aims of the school

To ensure that the Special Educational Needs of pupils, (as identified in the SEN Code of Practice) are identified and appropriate procedures are adopted to enable them to participate in and benefit from a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum.

In order to meet the aims of the S.E.N. Policy:

Parents, staff and governors are given a copy of the Policy.

Teachers will produce a Personalised Education Plan for each pupil appropriate to his or her needs.

The Annual Review will provide a system for the regular review of each pupil’s Individual Education Plan not less frequently than one per year.

A comprehensive assessment and review procedure for the S.E.N. Policy will take place every two years.

Governors will report annually to parents about the practical application of the S.E.N. Policy.

There will be a clear system to deal with complaints.

In service training of staff will be provided to ensure the aims of the S.E.N. Policy are met and that the changing needs of the Policy are fulfilled.

A system for advising the governing body, via the School Senior Leadership Team of the immediate and long-term resource implications of the S.E.N. Policy will be in place in order to assist with the formulation of the School Development Plan.

The following Policies and Procedures for pupils can be found in the Policy and Procedures file.

Assessment Recording and Reporting

Curriculum Policies

Teaching and Learning


Early Years

Post 16




Child Protection

Equal Opportunities

Health & Safety


Parents, carers and families

Racial equality


All pupils receive a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum. Pupils are addressed in an age respectful manner and treated with dignity and courtesy. Pupils are placed with their chronological peers. The Curriculum is personalised.


We aim to ensure a smooth transition to Kisharon School from external agencies and carers over the admission period. The timetable is flexible enough to accommodate the settling in period. We aim to ensure a strong focus on liaison, information sharing and partnership with parents of new pupils giving parents and carers the opportunity of becoming involved with the assessment procedure and continuing teaching objectives and strategies for their child.

Role of Parents

Partnership with parents, guardians and carers is central to the philosophy of Kisharon School, which recognises them as key educators in their child’s development and progression through school. The school encourages involvement and partnership through home visits, Annual Review and Annual Governors Report to Parents, parent governors, questionnaires, open days, recording, termly reviews and an open door policy.

Curriculum Access

We believe that pupils are entitled to have access to a personalised learning plan which meets their assessed needs and is respectful of both their developmental and actual age.

The school has devised a total approach to assessment, curriculum planning and target setting. These cover Communication; Cognitive Skills; Physical Skills and Personal Social & Emotional Well Being.

Links are maintained even when pupils have extended absences at home or in hospital due to poor health or surgery. Arrangements can be made through the local authorities for teaching sessions to take place off site if a pupil is absent for long periods.

Staff Development

Kisharon School is committed to continuing whole school staff development, which is regarded as essential for the process of school improvement and in fostering a positive and productive working environment. We seek to provide opportunities for staff to gain specialist qualifications and the expertise required to maintain and improve current provision and as an opportunity to develop additional skills for the future development of the school. Decisions about Whole Staff Development, and the financial and time resources required are identified through the appraisal process, performance management reviews and the School Development Plan.

All staff receive a rigorous induction programme which covers all aspects of health and safety, communication procedures, medical and therapeutic care, pupil requirements and management and organisation procedures. All TAs participate in our Appraisal system and Teachers participate in the Performance Management System.

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This policy will be reviewed every two years