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Limmudei Kodesh Curriculum

The Limmudei Kodesh curriculum is aimed to equip our Kisharon students to live the life of a Jew, playing their role within the Jewish community and in society at large. It comprises of the following components:

·         Torah (Sedra & Topic)

·         Hebrew Reading

·         Jewish Year – Preparing students for the Jewish holidays

·         Tefilloh – prayer

·         Jewish Way of Life skills

Torah – The aim of Torah learning at Kisharon is to support our students to see Torah as an instruction manual for living the Jewish way. We want our students to know key facts whilst aiming to make the learning relevant and practical to the daily lives of our students, making valuable links with SMSC. We learn Torah through connecting to key Torah personalities, stories and Mitzvos – laws.

Torah is taught to our students under two headings:

1.      Sedra – This is a light touch weekly feature where we focus on the name of the sedra and home in on one key aspect of the sedra making SMSC links. The purpose of learning sedra is to prepare our students for the Shabbos table where many of them will be expected to share an aspect of the sedra with the family.

2.      Topics – As the Sedra changes on a weekly basis and it is therefore difficult to consolidate learning, Torah topics are taught on a termly topics. This enables the learning to become reinforced and embedded in creative ways that enrich the overall experience for our students. Our Torah Topics include:

·         The 7 days of creation

·         Noach and the Ark

·         Life in Mitzrayim leading to Yetziyas Mitzrayim

·         Avrohom Ovinu & Soroh Imaynu

·         The life of Yaakov Avinu

·         Yosef Hatzadik

·         Life in the Midbor

Hebrew reading is a core life skill. We support our students who are able, to recognise the Hebrew letters and vowels and blend them into short words. We have developed our own unique assessment framework that enables pupils to build up their skills by achieving bite size developmental stepping stones. Students acquire most of their reading skills during short 1:1 sessions which also provide ongoing assessment opportunities. New students receive a baseline assessment when they join the school. Every child who is able to read has an ongoing reading target that it also shared with parents. Achievement is recorded, monitored and progress is tracked on an ongoing basis.

Jewish Year – The Jewish Year curriculum focuses on preparing our students for living the Jewish festivals. We help our students to carry out the festivals on a practical level with key skills being the focus, followed by helping them to develop their knowledge and understanding of the festival.

As this is a spiral curriculum, with students re-visiting the learning of a given festival on an annual basis, student achievement is monitored on an annual basis, ensuring that they are exposed to new learning opportunities as they move through the school.

Tefilloh – Although we get our Tefilloh structure from the siddur, our view is that davening should be appropriate and meaningful for our pupils, enabling them to enjoy and engage with the process. The Tefilloh experience is more creative than the typical shul experience, meeting the needs of the students throughout the school. We choose key Tefillos and support our students to understand the content of what they are saying whilst incorporating additional singing and some additional actions.

Jewish Way of Life Skills – The Jewish Way of Life Skills curriculum takes key themes that will support our Kisharon students to play their role as active members of the Jewish community. Living a Jewish way of life requires our students to appreciate that life starts with themselves, appreciating the need to conduct ourselves in a way that bring them dignity and honour whilst giving respect to others. We aim to in-still in our students the fact that we value living in a multi-cultural British society where being different is respected and that our religion only enriches our lives.

We encourage our students to value, understand and embrace their Jewish identity and the related practices, whilst appreciating their place in the Jewish community and society at large.

The curriculum has been developed with sensitivity, putting SMSC at its heart. Many of the topics covered have a direct link with our PSHCE curriculum.

We have a whole school approach, developing one theme per term.  Some of the themes that we cover include:

1.      Our Jewish home

2.      Our Jewish Community

3.      The Beis Knesset

4.      My Jewish day

5.      Jewish Greetings.

6.      Mitzvos

7.      Shabbos

8.      My Jewish week.

9.      Tefillah – Structure, prayers etc

10.  Eretz Yisroel

11.  Kashrus

12.  Key ongoing Mitzvos: Bikkur Cholim, Hashavas Aveda, Ahavas Habrios, Hachnasas Orchim, Gemilus Chasodim, Tzedakah, Hashovas Aveida.

13.  The Jewish life cycle: Ceremonies to include – Bris, Barr / Bas Mitzvah / Marriage / Death

14.  Jewish Numbers

15.  Brochos: Food, Rainbow, Thunder, lightening etc.

16.  Jewish Giants: Key Jewish personalities who have impacted on our Torah world.

17.  Jewish Situations: Knowing correct etiquette.

Each year we develop an annual plan of all the curriculum areas that will be delivered in that particular year. Please find below the curriculum plan for the 2016-17 school year.

Parents, or any members of the public can obtain comprehensive curriculum documentation on request.

Annual Plan – 2016-17


Subject Area Autumn Spring Summer
Jewish Calendar Yomim Noraim Succos (incl. Sh.Azeret & Simchos Toroh) Chanukah Tu B’Shvat, Purim, Pesach Lag B’Omer Shovuos, 3 Weeks
Jewish Way of Life The Beis Knesses Our Jewish Community My Jewish Day, Jewish Greetings
Torah Topic The 7 days of Creation Avrohom Ovinu & Soroh Imaynu Life in the Midbor – 2
Sedra Devorim, Bereshis Bereshis, Shemos, Vayikro Vayikro and B’midbor